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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Page Search Contact Us Request Estimate Frequently Asked Questions Phone and Fax Number Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my Cash?Get Your Estimate Now

Within 5 business days after IFC’s process is complete.

Why doesn’t the debtor just pay me?Get Your Estimate Now

If a debtor has filed for bankruptcy then according to the US bankruptcy code, all actions against the debtor are suspended.  This prohibits you from pursuing remedies against the debtor’s assets or taking other actions.

What is the return to the creditor from the debtor?Get Your Estimate Now

Every bankruptcy situation is different.  IFC staff evaluates the specific case and estimates the probability, amount and timing of distributions.  In many cases, after paying off the lawyer’s fees and other expenses, virtually nothing is left while in other cases the percentage recovered has varied significantly.  

How do you determine what price to pay me?Get Your Estimate Now

Price varies significantly and depends upon the circumstances.   Please See Answer Above.

If you receive less money from the debtor will you demand the money back from me?Get Your Estimate Now

No.  IFC accepts the risks when purchasing the trade claim. IFC  is only entitled to a refund if the claim you sold is expunged or reduced or there is a breach of representation and warranties that you made.

Will the debtor view me unfavorably for having sold my receivable?Get Your Estimate Now

No. Debtor’s top most priority is business continuity and survival.  Tracking activities of creditors wrt bankruptcy petition is very low on a debtor’s priority list.

Is the process confidential?Get Your Estimate Now

Yes, except as required by law.  IFC is careful about non-disclosure of any confidential information including the claim and the price paid.

Are you associated with the debtor?Get Your Estimate Now

No.  IFC is an independent investment institution.  IFC is in no way related to the debtor or the bankruptcy court.


Home Page Search Contact Us Request Estimate Frequently Asked Questions Phone and Fax Number


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